National Laity Council encourages Mexicans to vote in upcoming elections

.- The National Laity Council in Mexico has called on the faithful to go to the polls on July 2 to cast their free and conscientious vote.  In a statement distributed throughout the country, the NLC, led by Fernando Rivera Barroso, reminded Mexicans that they could use their vote to express their disapproval of the lack of progress in the country as well as to overcome demagoguery and manipulation by the media.
When going to the polls, the Council also underscored, voters should keep in mind the candidate’s personal background and party, his or her attitude regarding the dignity of the human person, the family, and the fundamental right to life, in order to determine whether or not that candidate’s actions and beliefs are consistent with the values of integrity, respect for law, and service to those most in need.
The Council reminded Mexicans that if they do not vote, they are betraying the solidarity they owe to one another and they lose their right to have an opinion about their own personal situation and that of Mexico.  The person who is chosen to be president will be charged with fulfilling the mandate of the people and working to bring about the common good, the statement noted.
While Mexico has established a tradition of carrying out free elections, the Council expressed regret at the low voter turnout and said it was due, in part, to misinformation and propaganda.  Likewise, it pointed out that the absence of an official educational policy based on moral values has encouraged corruption, delinquency and a lack of respect for human dignity and life.

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