National Right to Life on Terri's death: 'a sad day in our history'

.- Terri Schiavo's death is marks "a sad day in our history", said  National Right to Life in a statement commenting the sorrowful end of  a tumultuous decade-long battle.

Burke Balch, J.D., Director of the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics at the National Right to Life Committee, said this morning that the group is "deeply saddened by Terri's death and extend our heartfelt sympathy to the Schindler family."

"Terri Schiavo's death", he said, "is a gross injustice and it marks a sad day in our history when our society allows Terri and others like her who have severe disabilities to be discarded in such a cruel and inhumane manner."

After nearly two weeks without food and water since the court-ordered removal of her feeding tube, and numerous court attempts, including six appeals to the Supreme Court to keep the 41-year old woman alive, an exhausted family said farewell to their daughter and sister this morning.

David Gibbs, an attorney for Bob and Mary Schindler, Terri's parents said that they "can know they have done everything possible under the law in letting government know that they wanted to fight for the life of their daughter."

Countless worldwide are expressing their grief at today's news.

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