National Right to Life pushing for bill to save Schiavo

.- The National Right to Life (NRTL) is pushing for a new bill, which, if passed, could save brain damaged Terri Schiavo’s life.

According to the text of the bill, The Incapacitated Persons Legal Protection Act of 2005, expected to be introduced by Florida Representative Dave Weldon today, seeks “to provide the protections of habeas corpus for certain individuals whose life support may be withdrawn pursuant to court order, and for other purposes.”

According to the NRTL, “’Habeas Corpus’…is a special procedure…by which a court can review whether someone is being unlawfully deprived of liberty.” 

If enacted, the bill will give Terri’s family access to a federal court to argue for their daughter’s life.

Florida judge George Greer ruled February 25th in favor of Michael Schiavo, Terri’s husband, who has been trying for years remove the feeding tube, which gives food and hydration to his wife.

Since the 25th, Terri’s parents, along with many pro-lifers have been racing the March 18th removal date trying to find a way to save her life.

Lori Kehoe, Congressional liaison for the NRTL, who spoke to CNA this morning, said that for the bill to be successful, it must pass the House and Senate in the next two weeks, which, she added is a “mind blowing speed” for a bill.

Kehoe pointed out that while commonly used by prisoners on death row, ‘Habeas Corpus’ has been used outside of that context many times before. “It’s often used by people who have a custody issue”, she said.

“Rightly”, she said, “we do this on behalf of criminals, but here is a woman who simply has a disability; she has committed no crime.”

Kehoe also stated that the Right to Life is calling on “all citizens to immediately contact their U.S. Senators and Representatives and urge them to support Representative Weldon's bill to amend the Habeas Corpus Act to allow its use when a state court orders denial of food or fluids in cases like Terri's."

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