New book offers novena based on Mother Teresa’s writings

New book offers novena based on Mother Teresa’s writings


As a follow-up to last year's New York Times bestseller, “Come Be My Light,” Doubleday has released a new book highlighting Mother Teresa’s spiritual life through a nine-day novena based on her inspirational writings.  The prayer offers insights into her exemplary life and her relationship with Christ.


In the new book,  “Jesus Is My All In All: Praying with the ‘Saint of Calcutta’,” readers can reflect upon the most uplifting aspects of Mother Teresa’s spiritual life by praying the novena based on her own inspirational writings, which have been assembled by Fr. Brian Kolodiejchuk, the editor of “Come Be My Light.”


Fr. Kolodiejchuk, who was associated with Mother Teresa for 20 years and is the director of the Mother Teresa Center, writes in the introduction about the importance of reflecting on the life of the Blessed.  “Allowing her message and example to penetrate our hearts prayerfully is essential to commemorating her life and holiness.”  It is through her “simple yet profound teaching” that we can learn to serve and love as she did: “All for Jesus though Mary” though “doing small things with great love.”


As we look “to Mother Teresa’s exemplary life for inspiration,” he continues, “we receive at the same time the blessings of her prayer for our needs and intentions.”


Following a novena format, the book provides a nine-day set of prayers and reflections on her life.  Each day of the novena has been given a chapter:  Knowing the Living Jesus; Jesus Loves You; Hear Him Say to You: “I Thirst”; Our Lady Will Help You; Trust Jesus Blindly; True Love is Surrender; God Loves a Cheerful Giver; Jesus Made Himself the Bread of Life and the Hungry One; Holiness is Jesus Living and Acting in Me.


The novena used in the book is a revised version of one originally prepared to commemorate the first celebration of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta’s feast on September 5, 2004.


Additionally, as a point of reflection and prayer, Kolodiejchuk includes Mother Teresa’s beautiful description of who Jesus is to her:


Jesus is the Word made Flesh.

Jesus is the Bread of Life.

Jesus is the Victim offered for our sins on the Cross.

Jesus is the Sacrifice offered at the Holy Mass

For the sins of the world and mine.

Jesus is the Word – to be spoken.

Jesus is the Truth – to be told.

Jesus is the Way – to be walked.

Jesus is the Light – to be lit.

Jesus is the Life – to be lived.

Jesus is the Love – to be loved.

Jesus is the Joy – to be shared.

Jesus is the Sacrifice – to be offered.

Jesus is the Peace – to be given.

Jesus is the Bread of Life – to be eaten.

Jesus is the Hungry – to be fed.

Jesus is the Thirsty – to be satiated.

Jesus is the Naked – to be clothed.

Jesus is the Homeless – to be taken in.

Jesus is the Sick – to be healed.

Jesus is the Lonely – to be loved.

Jesus is the Unwanted – to be wanted.

Jesus is the Leper – to wash his wounds.

Jesus is the Beggar – to give him a smile.

Jesus is the Drunkard – to listen to him.

Jesus is the Retarded – to protect him.

Jesus is the Little One – to embrace him.

Jesus is the Blind – to lead him.

Jesus is the Dumb – to speak for him.

Jesus is the Crippled – to walk with him.

Jesus is the Drug addict – to befriend him.

Jesus is the Prostitute – to remove from danger and befriend.

Jesus is the Prisoner – to be visited.

Jesus is the Old – to be served.


To me –

Jesus is my God.

Jesus is my Spouse.

Jesus is my Life.

Jesus is my only Love.

Jesus is my All in All.

Jesus is my Everything.


Jesus, I love with my whole heart, with my whole being.  I have given Him all, even my sins, and he has espoused me to Himself in tenderness and love.  Now and for life I am the spouse of my Crucified Spouse. Amen.


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