New Credit Card benefits Church’s work for the poor
Pontifical Missions

New Credit Card benefits Church’s work for the poor

.- Paying for an item with the new World Missions Visa Card will now allow shoppers to take everyday purchases and turn them into help for Catholic Church programs in more than 1,150 mission dioceses in the world's poorest countries.

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith, a Pontifical Mission Society, announced the availability of the World Missions Visa(R) Card yesterday. Through this credit card program, one percent of net purchases will be donated to support the Church's pastoral and evangelizing mission in more than 120 countries throughout the global south, including support for educational and healthcare efforts.

The World Missions Visa Card will be issued by Washington Mutual and has been developed in partnership with Follieri Capital, which provides financial products and services to Roman Catholic Church organizations in the United States.

World Mission Visa cardholders will enjoy full Platinum Visa benefits, free on-line FICO(R) credit-score access, money saving coupons, online bill payment, zero fraud liability and no annual fee.

More than a million Catholics in the United States are being contacted about the offer through a direct-mail campaign, as well as through advertisements in Catholic newspapers.

Just $10 generated from this program can buy clothing for 10 Catholic school children in the Sudan for a year; $4 buys enough food for one week for a kindergarten program in the Missions where children learn the basics and discover, through the service of local sisters, the love of Jesus.

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