New government laws attack the essence of the family, says association


The president of the Spanish Forum on the Family, Benigno Blanco, said this week, “In the last four years the government has promoted a true ideological revolution in the regulation of marriage and the family,” passing laws that “are doctrinaire and sectarian and are inspired by the theory of gender” that causes so much harm.

During the presentation of the book, “Challenges of the 21st Century for the Family,” Blanco said, “With express divorce, the theory of gender, the law on assisted reproduction and the law on education with Education for Citizenship, the essence of the nuclear family and its principles have been attacked.”

“The institution of the family is the most powerful interpersonal bond of solidarity that society has known, and at the same time it is the true ‘social security’,” Blanco said.  But “when the State attempts to assume this function, it does so with much less efficacy and great social cost.”

He also stated, “The family creates the ecological niche for human existence and is the atmosphere for the creation of life,” and for this reason there is an increasing awareness in Europe that “we need the family, and for this reason the governments compete to help it.”

In reiterating that the family is “an institution worthy of being protected”  that has stable marriage as its foundation, Blanco indicated that in Spain, “of the 11 million nuclear families that exist, 8 or 9 million are marriages, and thus it is reasonable to demand that this institution be given legal protection.”

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