New poll reveals vast majority of Brazilians reject abortion


A new poll carried out by the Datafolha firm in Brazil has revealed that 87% of Brazilians think that having an abortion is “morally wrong.”  A majority of those surveyed also said that they would support a son or daughter dealing with a teen pregnancy rather than opting for abortion.  Eighty two percent said they would prefer their teenage daughter carry the child to term rather than undergo an abortion.

In addition, the poll showed that less than 1% of those surveyed approve of abortion for any reason.  Carlos Alberto de Franco, an advisor and ethics professor, said, “The result of the research is a cold shower for the pro-abortion strategy of Health Minister Jose Gomes Temporao and shows a clear tendency that we have seen in recent polls.”  “The government’s pro-abortion campaigns are at odds with the real Brazil,” he added.

According to Di Franco, “The legalization of abortion, regardless of the euphemisms of some and the ambiguity of the country’s president, is a priority of Lula’s government.”  The public continues to be shocked at the government’s articulate campaign to impose on society, “in the name of democracy,” the “elimination of the first fundamental human right: the right to life,” he said.

“Brazilians are against abortion.  It’s not just an opinion, it is a fact statistically measured in an opinion poll.  Only because of this does the government move more slowly,” Di Franco continued.
“There are moral issues that go beyond mere statistics; but the legalization of abortion, today and right now, would be a completely anti-democratic act,” he said.

“Despite the emotional marketing that is behind the pro-abortion campaigns, the anti-democratic poison that is at the heart of the pro-abortion slogans is troublesome,” Di Franco stressed, and he called on Brazilians to “remain alert” in order to defend democracy from pro-abortion authoritarianism.

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