New president of Cuban bishops’ conference urges faithful not to fear change


In an interview with the magazine Palabra Nueva, Archbishop Dionisio Garcia Ibanez, the new president of the Bishops’ Conference of Cuba, called on all Cubans not to fear change, but noted that the will of the Church to "serve and be here together with the people" will remain unchanged.

Archbishop Garcia also spoke with reporter Orlando Marquez about the challenges that the Church is facing in Cuba and her expectations for change in the government of Raul Castro.

"The first change is that we are talking about the word ‘change,’ because three years ago we didn’t speak about this. But we should not be afraid of the word ‘change,’ since life itself is a manifestation of change. The important thing" he explained is that the changes are made to improve the lives of those living on our society.

According to the archbishop, "That is the reason for our expectations and our desire that the necessary changes take place to solve many of the difficulties we are experiencing, and at the same time to know how to maintain what should be maintained for the well-being of our people."

"This is the attitude that the Church has sought to maintain in Cuba in recent times and it is the one she will maintain for years to come," the archbishop stated.

Archbishop Garcia went on to say that the Church wants to offer a word of faith and hope from the Gospel, keeping in mind the human person as the main subject that must cared for both by the State and by all of society. The Church desires to continue speaking in this sense."

Regarding the signs of a possible improvement in relations between Cuba and the United States, Archbishop Garcia said, "It falls on the politicians to decide what happens so that it is…the citizens of both sides who will benefit. And we all win when there is peace, when there is stability, when there is justice, solidarity and respect for the dignity of the person."

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