New website offers intellectual and spiritual resources for voters


In an effort to spread information about candidates running for office this November, a group of lay Catholics has formed the Solidarity Institute and the Know your Faith/Know Your Vote Campaign. 


“In one of the most crucial elections of our time, informed voting has never been more important,” Jill Reiff, one of the Institute’s researchers explained to CNA. “Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or access to the information necessary for voting responsibly. This website presents the most prominent information in an easy to use manner.”


On the website, each candidate taking part in the national and state races is presented in easy-to-follow comparison charts organized by district and party.  Posted beneath each candidate is a link to their available voting record. If a candidate’s voting record is not available, helpful quotes and public statements have also been posted.


The Institute notes on their site that the facts that they present are objective and from reliable sources. 


Candidate comparison charts use red, yellow and green lights based on the five non-negotiables of the Catholic Church: Abortion, Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Human Cloning, Euthanasia, and Homosexual Marriage.


The site also includes useful resources on how to vote responsibly, bishops statements, prayers and reliable websites which enable visitors to research their state’s candidates.


“In a culture on the brink of moral crisis,” voting in an informed manner “means more than ever before,” Reiff said. “It is time that Catholics stepped forward and educated themselves on their officials before they are elected.”


“The Solidarity Institute is a stepping stone for those wanting to learn more about their faith and their government. It is a place where people are given access to both realms of information, the intellectual and the spiritual.” 


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