Nicaragua’s First Lady gives assurance that "therapeutic" abortion will remain illegal

.- Speaking to reporters this week, Nicaragua’s First Lady and Communications Coordinator, Rosario Murillo, said the government intends to respect and follow the country’s Penal Code, which outlaws so-called therapeutic abortion.

According to the newspaper “El Nuevo Diario,” during a tour of several schools with her husband, Murillo reiterated that “as Communications Coordinator I can say that the [government of Nicaragua] embraces the basic commitment to follow the laws.  The laws are there and we are going to respect them and follow them.”

“We are not going beyond the bounds of the law, we are not breaking any commitment, quite the contrary, we are committed to every element of our agenda just as we presented it during the election campaign,” he stated.

Sandinista lawmaker Gustavo Porras, president of the Nicaraguan Congressional Health Care Committee, said an amendment allowing for exceptions could be passed.

But pro-life leader Rafael Cabrera Artola said he was confident the government would respect the law prohibiting therapeutic abortion.

“Even First Lady Rosario Murillo has said she is pro-life and I don’t think they decision that has been made will be changed,” Cabrera stated.

Cabrera has said the rejection of therapeutic abortion is based on sound scientific, legal, ethical and anthropological grounds.

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