Opposition to Education for the Citizenry indoctrination increasing in Catalonia

.- The organization Professionals for Ethics in Spain has sent 23 new requests to the Catalonia regional government  from students who want to be exempted from the school course Education for the Citizenry (EPC). According to the organization, some 1,200 requests have been filed in Catalonia.
Ramon Novella, president of Professionals for Ethics in Catalonia, said, “With this act we wish to reiterate the defense of the right of parents to educate their children according to their convictions, a fundamental right attacked by Education for the Citizenry, which does not respect the convictions of parents.”
He added that there are a number of lawsuits against the course still waiting to be decided in court. 
Novella also revealed that the Socialist government is planning to launch what will be called Education for the Citizenry II: obligatory sex-education in all schools, based on the “educational” guidelines of the new law on abortion.
"This is a new battle that parents are not going to stop fighting in defense of their freedoms and rights," Novella said as he called on parents to continue opposing EPC and any future sexual indoctrination by the government.

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