Paraguayan archbishop says creation must be protected to build peace


Archbishop Pastor Cuquejo of Asuncion in Paraguay called on the faithful to build peace by protecting creation and understanding nature as a “gift” which makes the “survival of man” possible.

In his message for the new year, Archbishop Cuquejo warned that allowing the devastation and abuse of the environment to continue will lead to dire consequences for humanity, such as “the loss of peace.”

The archbishop explained that protecting the environment enables man to enjoy “the appropriate, if not optimum, conditions for developing his existence in this world.”

“The struggle against the pollution of water and air, and against the rampant deforestation of our country, should be an on-going commitment of all citizens,” he said.

The archbishop added that there must be no compromise with those who are “destroying creation and thus the dignity of each person.” The protection of the environment, he continued, “has to do with love of neighbor and the promotion of peace; it has to do with the love of God,” who is the Creator.

Archbishop Cuquejo also urged that young people be taught to understand that “they are now the builders of the future for all who will live here.”

“The good which they desire today must guide them in their preparations for those who will come after,” he added. “Education about the religious meaning of life and about natural resources is part of the comprehensive education we should all enjoy and support,” the archbishop concluded.

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