Paraguayan pro-life group slams law that would allow homosexuality and abortion

.- Pro-life leaders in Paraguay are denouncing a new bill that would promote homosexuality and in some cases abortion.  Under the guise of assisting minors who are victims of abuse and protecting so-called sexual autonomy, the bill is slated for debate next week.

Nestar de Stark and Maria Celia Meyer of the Federation of Pro-life and Family Associations warned the bill seeks to define “sexual autonomy” as “sexual choice,” in an attempt to make one’s natural sexual state non-determinant.  

“It refers to a choice of gender, where one’s natural sexual state is not a relevant fact.  It states that one can define one’s sexuality according to what one thinks and likes; this leads to very grave moral relativism,” Meyer said. 

The bill also would establish that the “perspective of gender,” with all of its interpretations, be included in the training and educational programs for police officers, teachers, judges and others. “They are seeking that this concept of gender perspective be introduced as a fundamental component and point of reference in the education of children, teenagers, young people and officials in general,” warned Stark.

The Association suggests that sexual autonomy be correctly defined that the necessary guarantees be established for defending the life of each person, so that abortion does not become just another “choice” in one’s sexuality.

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