Parents upset over promotion of homosexuality in Spanish grade school


The organization, Segovia for Education in Freedom, has voiced concern from parents with children attending a Catholic public school where the students are being exposed to gender ideology through a theatrical play as part of the course, Education for the Citizenry.


The play entitled, “Clara and Daniel,” is a project promoted by the Azar Theater Company, which said its objective “is to provide the faculty with a simple and practical tool allowing them to address the subject of sexual orientation in the classroom,” as well as family diversity.


Inmaculada Lopez, the spokeswoman for Segovia for Education in Freedom, explained that the characters of the play “are Clara, a 9 year-old girl who has two mothers, and Dani, whose real name is Daniela but who is a tomboy.”


Lopez said parents were surprised by the contents of the play.  “When you get information about children’s theatrical works, normally one assumes the contents are not going to be controversial.”  Since this was not the case, she continued, “From now on, all schools—and parents—will have to be on guard especially regarding these activities.”

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