Peruvian Congress continues forward with measure to legalize abortion


A new bill that would legalize abortion in cases of rape and fetal deformation has moved through a Congressional committee in Peru and will be sent to the floor of the Peruvian Congress in the coming months, despite widespread opposition to the measure among voters.

Various lawmakers from the ruling party in Peru—which has expressed opposition to abortion—voted to move the bill through committee, including Representative Jose Vargas, who recently during a radio interview called those who defend the unborn hypocrites. “Nobody defends life without restriction because, for example, a vegetable is life and therefore you shouldn’t eat salads,” he argued.

Pro-life protestors gathered outside the Congressional building Tuesday to voice opposition to the measure and were met by feminist groups who said that they supported the bill.

Police had to intervene with tear gas to break up the confrontation after a man supporting the feminist groups physically assaults a group of nuns and mothers who were among the pro-life protestors.

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