Peruvian congressman charges abortion pill unconstitutional

.- The president of the Peruvian Congress’ Health Committee, Dr. Héctor Chávez Chuchón, denounced a resolution brought by several ONGs and the Ministry of Health in favor of the legalization of the so-called emergency contraception—which includes the morning after pill—charging it is “unconstitutional.”

The congressman explained that he has sent a letter signed by 60 legislators to the Ministry of Health, and that he will be initiating a grass-roots campaign to have the abortion pill and emergency contraception declared unconstitutional since “they will only cause harm and suffering.”

Chavez denounced the support for the resolution given by the country’s Health Minister, saying it was ironic that “a Minister who is supposed to care for the health of all Peruvians approved a pill that is going to kill the most defenseless of innocent human beings who are destroyed in their mother’s womb.”

“Each new human being begins his life at the moment of fertilization in the fallopian tube.  Seven days later the embryo descends to the uterus for implantation.  But it finds an altered, infirm and hostile uterus.  Therefore, since implantation does not take place, the embryo is lost, and this is called abortion,” he said.

Chávez also pointed out the resolution is supported by doctors who are connected with several ONGs dedicated to promoting the abortion pill.  He said these doctors lacked objectivity and clarity since their consciences have been compromised by the salaries they receive from such groups.

Chávez said that after returning from a visit to southern Peru, he is convinced “we do not walk alone.  The majority of our population is with us because for Peruvians the issue of the defense of life is inherent in our culture.”

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