Planned Parenthood 'runs on fear,' former clinic director charges

Abby Johnson with Shawn Carney of Coalition for Life outside the Planned Parenthood clinic where she worked.
Abby Johnson with Shawn Carney of Coalition for Life outside the Planned Parenthood clinic where she worked.


Abby Johnson, former Bryan, Texas Planned Parenthood director spoke with CNA on Monday about the restraining order her former employer filed against her following her Oct. 6 resignation.  Johnson noted that while she was a little surprised by the injunction, she also knows that Planned Parenthood “runs on fear.” 

Johnson, who had worked at the Bryan clinic for eight years, left Planned Parenthood on what she describes as “good terms” after witnessing an ultrasound of an abortion. 

“I made a decision that day,” she told CNA.  “I went home and talked to my husband about it.”

Following her resignation, Johnson joined up with members of the Coalition of Life.  Shortly after, Planned Parenthood's lawyers filed a restraining order against their former employee citing their concern that she would share confidential information about the clinic as well as its patients.

Johnson noted that Planned Parenthood's attempt was unsuccessful and that their claims “had no evidence.”

“Alluding to the fact that I would release patient information is very offensive.  I cared about them when I worked there, and I still do.”  Johnson added that she would never do anything to violate their privacy.  “It's absolutely ridiculous!” 

The former clinic director went even further in denouncing Planned Parenthood, calling it “an organization that frequently threatens people who go against them.”  During her tenure at the clinic, Johnson said that she saw her former employer “continually threaten” its opponents.

“If you're against them, they are going to try to sue you,” she told CNA.

Though Johnson admitted she was slightly surprised the organization filed an injunction, she figured they might go after her.

“Planned Parenthood is an organization that runs on fear.  They are scared of what they do know, and they are scared of what they don't know.”

Now that Johnson has resigned from her position, she said she's not sure what is in store for her. Currently she has several talks lined up to discuss pro-life issues on the benefits of ultrasound and how important it is for women.

She added that she and her husband are “spending a lot of time in prayer to decide what we'll do next.  Everyday something new pops up.  Something that we didn't expect.”

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