Poll shows strong opposition to abortion, same-sex 'marriage' in Peru


A recent poll is showing that more than two-thirds of Peruvians are against abortion, same-sex “marriage” and the legalization of drugs.

A poll carried out Feb. 1 – 6 by the Peruvian Company for the Study of Markets and Public Opinion revealed that the Peruvian people “defend morality and overwhelmingly oppose these ideas,” stated a press release from the Archdiocese of Lima.

Over 92 percent of those surveyed opposed the legalization and consumption of drugs in Peru.  Likewise, 76.3 percent said they were against abortion. Over 74 percent rejected gay “marriage,” and 69.5 percent said they opposed civil unions for same-sex couples.

Abortion, gay “marriage” and the legalization of drugs have been key issues in the presidential campaign for the April 10 elections.

On Jan. 17, the vice presidential candidate for the Peru Posible Party, Carlos Bruce, told the newspaper El Comercio that his party would implement gay “marriage” if its presidential candidate, former-President Alejandro Toledo, is elected.

Toledo has also brought the issue of legalized abortion and drug use into the presidential debates, although in the past month he has attempted to modify his position.

Candidates Luis Castaneda of the National Solidarity Party and Pedro Pablo Kuczynski of the Alliance for Major Change Party said they oppose gay “marriage” but support civil unions that would grant same-sex partners economic rights.

Both said they oppose abortion, but Castaneda said he would allow the procedure to the save the life of the mother.

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