Pope calls for reconciliation, peace in Iraq, encourages mission of Chaldean church

Pope calls for reconciliation, peace in Iraq, encourages mission of Chaldean church


On Saturday, as a group of Chaldean bishops were meeting in Rome for a special synod, Pope Benedict XVI met with His Beatitude Emmanuel III Delly, patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans in Iraq, and encouraged peace in the war-torn nation.


The Pope began his brief speech by thanking the bishops for their visit you for their visit, which, he said, “enables me to send, through you, words of great encouragement to your communities and to all the citizens of Iraq.”


“My expression of solidarity”, he said, “is accompanied by assurances of mention in my prayers, that your beloved country, even in its current difficult situation, may not lose heart and may continue on the road towards reconciliation and peace."


The Pope then referred to a newly-completed project--done at the synod--of revising the texts of the divine liturgy, as opening the way to "a reform which should give rise to a new surge of devotion in your communities.”


“This work”, said the Pope, “has involved years of study and of not-always-easy decisions, but it was a period during which the Chaldean Church was able to reflect more deeply on the great gift of the Eucharist."


He also noted another important theme of the synod, which he said, was the drafting of a Particular Law regulating the internal life of the Chaldean community.


"An appropriate canonical discipline of your own is necessary," said the Holy Father, "for the ordered progress of the mission entrusted to you by Christ."


Pope Benedict told them that, "Now, as you return to your respective sees, you are refreshed by this experience of communion near the tombs of the Apostles Peter and Paul. This communion finds a special expression here, today, in raising to the Lord, together with Peter's Successor, a collective prayer of gratitude."

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