Pope says Catholic Church is instrument for human unity

Pope says Catholic Church is instrument for human unity


Last Sunday, during the last Regina Coeli -the Marian prayer said only during the Easter season, which ends on Pentecost Sunday - Pope John Paul called the Catholic Church an instrument of unity for humanity.

“The Church today celebrates the Solemnity of Pentecost, recalling the prodigious effusion of the Holy Spirit upon Mary and the Apostles in the Cenacle,” said the Holy Father to the numerous pilgrims gathered in St. Peter’s Square.

“Animated by the fire of the Spirit, the Apostles left the Cenacle and began to speak of Christ, Who died and rose again, to the faithful who had come to Jerusalem from all places, and each heard them speak in his own language.”

“With Pentecost … was born the Church: the mystical body of Christ distributed around the world.”

“The Church is made up of men and women of all races and cultures, united in faith and love for the Most Holy Trinity as a sign and instrument of the unity of the entire human race. Shaped by the Spirit to conform to Christ, new man, believers become His witnesses, sowers of hope, agents of mercy and peace,” said the Holy Father.

The Pope invoked the maternal intercession of Mary so “that the prodigies of Pentecost may be renewed in the Church and that all men and women may welcome the joyous news of salvation.”