Pregnant 11-year-old will not undergo abortion, states pro-life leader


Various media outlets in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo reported this week that an 11-year-old who is almost 18 weeks pregnant is no longer in the hands of feminist groups who were pressuring her to undergo an abortion. The girl is now receiving proper medical care for herself and her baby.

The local press also noted that several private and state institutions have offered assistance to the girl and her mother, Zeyda Morales. However, feminist groups continue demanding she be granted the “right to abortion,” which they consider to be the only valid option.

The director of the Latin American office of the Population Research Institute (PRI), Carlos Polo, warned that “in these kinds of cases, pro-abortion organizations always use the same modus operandi (method of operating).”

“First they find a girl who has been raped and they keep her hidden and inaccessible to any kind of assistance. Second, they expose the case to the media without revealing any details of her clinical history.”

He continued: “Third, they center their media message on the idea that the legalization of so-called ‘therapeutic abortion’ is the solution for saving the lives of women. Fourth, they present themselves as the saviors of the life of the mother, and anyone who opposes their pro-abortion demands are quasi-criminals.”

Polo later explained that the PRI regularly researches these kinds of “fabricated cases.” He noted that “In New York, Monica Roca, Lilian Sepulveda and other representatives of the Center for Reproductive Rights have exposed their strategy of ‘developing reproductive rights in Latin America’.”

He added that he is “glad there is a greater awareness each day” of their methods.

Polo linked the case in Mexico to a similar one in Recife, Brazil. “Recently the media in Brazil tried to surprise Archbishop Fernando Saburido of Recife. In that case, the rape of a girl unfortunately ended in abortion and the media distorted the statements by the archbishop in order to give the impression that he approved of abortion in extreme cases. Today in Quintana Roo, action was taken before it was too late and the case fell apart for abortion supporters,” he explained.

The population expert then warned that families must “be alert and watch out for their daughters. The true solution to these cases is to prevent situations of promiscuity in which these girls end up pregnant.”

“In abortion there are certainly two extremes, one in favor and one against. And it is clear which side cares truly and comprehensively for the people. Those who seek out these cases in order to use them for their pro-abortion political agenda are true vultures,” Polo added.

Patricia Lopez Mancera, director of the Center for Women’s Studies and Comprehensive Formation in Cancun, said the girl’s mother has accused lawyers of attempting to psychologically and economically pressure her daughter to have the abortion. Mancera also said she has been in contact with the family and that the girl has gone to the city of Merida to undergo tests and have an ultrasound.

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