Pressure builds to change anti-life content of youth summit

.- Citing its pro-abortion rights and anti-parent content, a coalition of pro-family and pro-life groups has published an open letter to Honduran President Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, asking him not to sign the convention on the rights of young people at the upcoming Latin American Summit of Heads of State and of Government, which will take place in San Salvador at the end of the month.

The letter warns that “the document pushes ‘Reproductive Sexual Health’ and ‘Gender Ideology.’  It has been proven that these terms, although they sound good, are used to promote an agenda in favor of abortion, abortifacient pills, homosexuality and other sexual deviations, sterilizations and other artificial forms of birth control for teens without the knowledge or consent of their parents.”

“Mr. President, do not sign it, because the solutions being proposed clearly favor economic interests that exploit young people by selling them products, instead of providing them true education in affectivity and sexuality, promoting self-control and educating their wills,” the letter continued.

“Mr. President, do not sign it, because unfortunately in our countries what we have least seen are abstinence programs.  On the other hand, the solution that has been given to young people is contraceptives, and the results are obvious.”

The letter pointed out that deceitful language is being used in the Convention, such as “reducing ‘unsafe abortions,’ in an attempt to make people think that legal abortion is ‘safe abortion.’  Safe abortions do not exist. The baby is always killed and the woman is the second victim of this industry which incites promiscuity in order to make her into a ‘loyal customer’.”

“Mr. President, do not sign it, because nowhere does it speak of the importance of parents and the primary, principal and irreplaceable teachers of their children, and it attacks parental authority and laws that protect the rights of parents,” the letter indicated.

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