Priest encourages participation in televised Mass


A Mexican priest is urging viewers to participate in a Dec. 12 televised Mass to mark the bicentennial independence of countries in Latin America.

“It is important to be aware that we should participate and not just watch the Mass,” explained Father Ricardo Valenzuela, a priest at Mexico City's cathedral. “With such a spiritual predisposition, the graces and blessings will be effective for us.”

In a Dec. 7 interview with the Mexican Catholic newspaper Desde la fe, Fr. Valenzuela explained that when the congregation stands during the Mass, for example, “(i)t would be much better if those watching on TV stood as well, because that shows that they are participating in the Mass.”
He also said viewers should keep in mind the real presence of Christ at the moment of the consecration, “even if they are following the broadcast live or watching a re-broadcast.”
Fr. Valenzuela underscored the importance of making a spiritual communion and offering prayers for the Church and Pope Benedict.
He also noted that the Pope’s final blessing extends to those watching on T.V. or listening via radio, “But it is better if we prepare ourselves beforehand to receive it.”

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