Pro-family group criticizes new abortion law in Spain


The Forum on the Family in Spain said this week that the country’s new law on abortion, which is set to take effect on July 5, is “an ideological project of the government that was introduced behind the back of even its own party.”

Ignacio Garcia-Julia, director of the forum, noted that “the first 11 articles of this law constitute an attack on the freedom of thought in matters related to sexual education.”

“It is an attack on the right of parents to educate their children freely in a subject matter as sensitive as emotional and sexual formation.  All schools will be required to offer classes on this based on a particular vision that is promoted by the most radical segments of the left,” Garcia-Julia said.

In response, the forum has launched a campaign to get information out to over a million people in cities across Spain.

It has also created a special commission to “gather the concerns of parents and channel lawsuits and legal challenges against schools or other facilities that attempt to impose a specific vision of sexuality.”

Garcia-Julia noted that in Spain, “there are diverse forms of understanding sexuality,” and therefore, “imposing gender perspective as law in the teaching of this material is something incompatible with the ideological neutrality that is required of public administrations in this area.”

He added that the legislation in Spain follows a similar law in France, “that has been on the books for 10 years and that has had the opposite effect: more abortions and the increased spread of sexually transmitted diseases.”

What Spain needs is greater assistance for mothers  and not “laws that liberalize practices such as abortion,” he concluded.

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