Pro-family leader reiterates research confirming child's need for heterosexual home


This week, the president of the Mexican Institute of Sexual Orientation, Oscar Rivas, noted that current research in psychology affirms that children need a mother and a father, “in order develop best intellectually, emotionally and physically.”

“Much has been said about adoption but what has been omitted is that the right of adoption is the right of the orphaned child, a child who lost a father and a mother … and who rightly deserves the state to restore precisely what he lost, a father and a mother,” Rivas told reporters.

He noted that studies warn of the risks present in same-sex relationships and how they can affect children. “Thirty percent of children raised in a homosexual environment are more susceptible to suffering some kind of abuse, whether physical or sexual, compared to seven percent of children in heterosexual families.”

He continued, noting that, “45 percent of children have a higher level of stress compared to 15 percent of those raised in heterosexual families.” 

Rivas noted that his data is from the Association of American Psychiatrists.

He went on to say that institutions like the American College of Pediatrics and the American Network of Pediatrics have opposed adoption by homosexual couples. In Mexico, the Mexican Association of Pediatrics has also affirmed that it is best that children have both a father and a mother.

Rivas underscored that while homosexual couples claim they can give love to a child, children need much more in order to be raised properly.  For this reason, he added, the State “must decree which environment is best” for the raising of children.

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