Pro-life group calls for 'real health care' on press tour

Marilyn Musgrave, former Colorado congresswoman
Marilyn Musgrave, former Colorado congresswoman


The Susan B. Anthony List, a political action committee that supports pro-life women in politics, recently held a press tour in state of Indiana with pro-life women from various backgrounds speaking out against abortion funding in the health care reform bill.  The SBA List also urged congressional leaders to support “real” health care for women.

“We pro-lifers are not only tough – we can stand the elements,” said former congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave on Jan.12 outside Congressmen Joe Donnelly's office on a wintery South Bend, Indiana day.   “We are resolute in our opposition to government-funded abortion. I am fortunate to be here today with several fabulous women who have dedicated their lives to protect the unborn child.”

One of those women, policy specialist for the University of Notre Dame and Project Gabriel volunteer Mia Reini spoke on her involvement with the pro-life movement in South Bend, saying she was “in awe” of the community efforts to assist women. Recounting her experience with organizations such as Hannah's House and Project Gabriel, Reini shared stories of the young women and mothers who have been helped by these initiatives.

“These are the projects our tax dollars should be funding. Not abortion,” said Reini. “This is the real health care – the psychological, spiritual and financial support local women are giving other women so that they can keep their babies.”

Campaign Director of 40 Days for Life Mary Akre opened her address by saying, “I'm here mainly to point out that abortion isn't healthcare because pregnancy isn't a disease.” She noted the importance of recognizing that women who have abortions “are just as much the victims” as the unborn children.

“A woman with a crisis pregnancy will be seen as no different than someone with strep throat who needs to go to her doctor and get her medicine,” continued Akre. “Instead of being treated as a precious child of God in need of love and understanding, she will be told that the solution to her problem is to kill her unborn child.”

Mary Forr, vice president of Notre Dame Right to Life, began her talk by thanking Congressman Joe Donnelly (D-Ind.) for his pro-life work and urged him to continue in his efforts.

“As a woman, a Catholic and a college student at the University of Notre Dame I do not believe that my tax dollars should be used to fund abortion,” Forr said Tuesday. “I believe that abortion is the murder of an innocent human being and my freedom of conscience should not be violated in any way by a health care bill that forces me to support such genocide.”

“Unless the Stupak amendment is upheld, the current health care bill will force me to go against my will, my heart and my conscience,” she continued. “By simply paying taxes, I will become an accomplice for harming millions of women every year. I will become an accomplice to destroying any respect for human life. And most tragically, I will become an accomplice to destroying the lives of millions of innocent human beings.

“I reserve the right to remain free of participating in such an horrendous act,” Forr added.

Also speaking on Tuesday were Theresa Thomas, local mother of nine, and Diane Carpenter, volunteer at LaPorte County Right to Life.

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