Pro-life group clarifies why it does not support referendum on abortion in Spain


The pro-life association “Provida Valencia” issued a statement this week explaining that although it respects the decision of some pro-life groups to call for a referendum on abortion during  country's demonstrations set for March 7, it has decided not to support the initiative. 

In its statement, Provida Valencia laid out several reasons for its decision. “The right to life is not subject to vote. We do not defend it because the majority supports it or not.  The right exists, we do not grant it,” the organization said. 

A second reason the organization stated was: “If we allow the government to hold a referendum, it could establish whatever terms it deems most expedient, and the questions could be manipulated or ambiguous, such as, ‘Shall women who have an abortion go to jail or shall there be a law instead that provides them legal protection’?”

“Experts we have consulted say a referendum in these circumstances is not advisable,” the group stated.

The organization said it is following the conclusions of the 4th World Pro-Life Congress which was held two months ago in Zaragoza, by reaching out to representatives and senators on pro-life issues.

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