Pro-life group slams Spanish president for hiding behind 'democratic mask'

.- The spokesperson for the Spanish organization Right to Life, Gador Joya, slammed President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero this week for trying to hide behind a “democratic mask” and claim that he defends the dignity of human life, when his abortion bill seeks to violently take the lives of innocent human beings.
Joya criticized President Zapatero for his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. this week, in which he said that Spain “does not exploit workers nor discriminate against homosexuals or immigrants.”
These laws, Goya said, “have been around much longer than Mr. Zapatero,” who has instead brought “division and anxiety to Spain because of his obstinacy in turning abortion into a right.”
“Zapatero put on a democratic mask before a religious group in a friendly country, but the reality is very different. The reality is that we are facing a government that is harmful to freedom and personal dignity,” she said.
“That mask will do little for him now at home,” Joya remarked.  “On March 7, throughout Spain, Europe and Latin America, we will take to the streets again to remind him that in a democracy, you listen to the people, and the majority of the Spanish people do not want more abortions, but rather more support for women to be mothers.” 
She also revealed that her organization has sent letters to U.S. Senators Amy Klobouchar and Johnny Isakson, both presidents of the Organizing Committee of the National Prayer Breakfast, as well as to Douglas Coe, president of The Fellowship.  The letters include an invitation to attend the March for Life on March 7 in Spain as well as information on President Zapatero’s abortion agenda.

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