Pro-euthanasia and abortion norms reveal war “against human life” in Argentina


The organization “Pro-Vida” has denounced “a growing offensive against human life” in Argentina, with controversial measures aimed at promoting euthanasia, homosexual unions and abortion.

The group questioned measures adopted in various parts of Argentina, including a law in the Rio Negro province allowing euthanasia, a norm in the city of Villa Carlos Paz permitting a kind of “marriage” between same-sex couples, and the legalization of abortion in La Pampa in order to “regulate” the practice. 

In a statement, the organization indicated that such measures, “which belong to the culture of death, are immoral and illegal. Immoral, because the State cannot collaborate in the death of any human being, born or unborn, health or sick.  In addition, the constitutional mandate of our leaders is not one of demographic control but rather the populating of the national territory.”

The organization noted that “human life is protected by the National Constitution from its beginnings in the maternal womb,” and it pointed out that the local measures are based upon a modification of a norm in the Penal Code, “which from all appearances is unconstitutional, as it is overruled by a superior norm.  Such changes to the Penal Code, it said, fall exclusively to the National Assembly.

Pro-Vida said actions by lawmakers show they have taken up the anti-life agenda that seeks to force the countries of the region to “impose a new morality based on contraception, abortion and the promotion of homosexuality and euthanasia.  This agenda is fundamental for their interests in assuring the depopulating of countries rich in raw materials and of directing economic surpluses towards external financial services and not towards internal social development.”

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