Pro-family organization praises President’s “State of the Union”

.- Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins released yesterday a statement praising President Bush's State of the Union Address for its clear standing on moral issues related to life and family.

“President Bush is showing leadership with his support for a constitutional amendment to uphold traditional marriage and by recognizing the need to protect the institution of marriage from activist judges,” said Perkins.

“Congress must follow the President's leadership and preserve the foundation of society by sending the Marriage Protection Amendment to the states for ratification,” he added.

According to FRC’s President, Bush also reiterated “his commitment to creating a culture of life in America.”

“He made clear that unborn human beings were not for experimentation or spare parts; they are to be protected.”

“I hope –Perkins added- in the days ahead as the Administration expands the culture of life, that they will educate the American people on the difference between adult and embryonic stem cells and further explain the importance of funding adult stem cell research which has yielded over 50 successful treatments as opposed to embryonic stem cell research which has yet to yield a single treatment."

Commenting on future judicial nominees, Perkins said that the President “will make policy for another four years, but the courts will shape it for a nearly a generation. The President has called for it, the American people support it, and the Senate should deliver it - up or down votes on each of the President's nominees.”

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