Abortion in Mexico

Pro-Life Committee begins campaign to prevent abortions for taking place in Mexico City hospitals


The National Pro-Life Committee has launched an initiative to prevent abortions from taking place in Mexico City hospitals and to encourage healthcare workers to defend human life.

Committee president Jorge Serrano Limon said the purpose of the initiative is to persuade women not to go through with their abortions and to ask hospital administrators for permission to take possession of aborted fetuses in order to give them proper burial.
In addition to requesting proper burial for aborted children, Serrano said hospitals have also been asked to hold the babies for 10 days in case someone decides to claim them.
Serrano said the director of the Balbuena Hospital in Mexico City, Antonio Sanchez, said no abortions have yet taken place in that facility and that there have not been any requests thus far.  However, the pro-life leader said doctors are being pressured by authorities to give their backing to the new abortion law.

“They are concerned because they are being pressured against their will to perform abortions, and they are afraid of losing their jobs and that, in refusing to perform an abortion, they might be isolated from the medical community.  This is a hospital in favor of human life, and Marcelo Ebrard (the governor of Mexico City) is pressuring them,” Serrano stated.
He called Ebrard, as well “the doctors who practice abortions” and “women who have had abortions” to “conversion and repentance.”