Pro-life group calls for Canadian bishops to do more about Amnesty International’s pro-abortion decision


A Canadian pro-life group has called for more action from the country’s bishops against Amnesty International’s decision to advocate for the worldwide decriminalization of abortion.

Vote Life, Canada! is upset that the Canadian bishops did not do more to persuade Amnesty International to not adopt its pro-abortion policy.

The Canadian bishops issued a letter cautioning them against approving the new policy and warning of a possible rupture in relations, but Erci Alcock, the president of Vote Life, Canada! wishes more drastic measures had been taken.

Alcock, suggests that since Amnesty’s Canadian branch has 67,000 members, with a majority of those likely being Catholic, the threat of a massive national membership exodus could have discouraged Amnesty from adopting its policy.

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, also joined the chorus of people speaking out against Amnesty International’s International Executive Committee for ratifying a new policy calling for the decriminalization of abortion.

"Amnesty International was founded to protect human rights, yet it now treads upon the most fundamental human right, the right to life," said Fr. Pavone.  "To fail to protect the right to life renders suspect one’s advocacy of any other human right."