Pro-life group releases DVD showing “horror of abortion” in Spain


The “Provida” organization in Spain has released a DVD entitled, “Don’t Look the Other Way (No mires para otro lado),” a ten-minute presentation on the horror of abortion in the country.  “Nobody who sees the video,” Provida said, “will remain indifferent to the drama and genocide of abortion.”

The DVD is “appropriate for accompanying and illustrating the debate that is taking place today in Spain.”  According to Justo Aznar, president of Provida Valencia, “The video attempts to unveil the terrible truth that abortion is a violent attack that kills a human being.  We show that this violence is increasing and that each day more abortions are taking place.”

“As happened long ago with the defenders of human rights and especially with the rights of slaves,” Aznar pointed out, “the defenders of life are condemned by politicians and the media.  We have assumed this and it is true.  However, we defend a cause that is just, the most just of all causes: the cause of life.  We want to free those who are mercilessly and senselessly condemned to die.”

According to Aznar, “Some criticize us saying it is not necessary to show the horrible and repugnant reality of abortion, that each person should be free to decide about the issue.  We think that only when the images of the deadly violence that is abortion are shown will we realize what it truly means,” he said.

“In our schools we show young people the harsh images of the Nazi extermination camps, not to manipulate the students’ feelings but because they are such barbaric acts that words and letters by themselves are not enough to denounce them and condemn them.  The holocaust of abortion in this sense is not different from the Nazi holocaust,” Aznar stated.

The DVD can be purchased by writing to [email protected]

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