Pro-life group warns against attempt to legalize drugs in Argentina


Pro-Life Argentina has issued an alert against a plan to legalize drugs in the country to make their consumption “totally free for all those who want them.”

In a recent press release, Roberto Castellano, president of Pro-Life, noted that even without this new plan, Argentina leads Latin America in the number of high school teens who use drugs.  “Imagine how bad it could be if the State were to renounce even further its punitive power,” he said.

Castellano stressed that teens are already battling alcohol use, which is promoted in TV ads and at nightclubs. 

“It’s not the norms that are failing us,” he said.  “That’s just the excuse of those who lack the ability or the will to enforce them.  The duty of the State lies precisely in using its strength to prevent the destruction of the community and of life.  If it cannot ensure the minimum, something is wrong,” Castellano stated.

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