Pro-life groups denounce economic interests of ‘experts’ on subcommittee on abortion in Spain


The Right to Life group in Spain has called for two experts on a congressional subcommittee analyzing a new law on abortion to recuse themselves from the positions because of their associations with the abortion industry.

 The group pointed to two of the experts on the committee, Santiago Barambio, president of the Association of Accredited Clinics for Pregnancy Termination, and Guillermo Sanchez Andres, president of the Administrative Council of the Dator Clinic—one of the most profitable abortion companies in Spain—as having economic interests in getting on-demand abortion legalized.

The subcommittee also includes two members of the Planned Parenthood Federation, which Right to Life described as “one of the international organizations that has pressured the most for ‘free and unrestricted abortion’ in all countries.”

On Thursday, October 30, Right to Life marched to the doors of the Spanish Congress to call for transparency on the sub-committee of "experts."

With slogans like "Life yes, abortion no," "A committee without manipulation" and "Yes to life, for women," the 200 protesters defended the right to life and the right of women to informed motherhood.

The president of, Ignacio Arsuaga, said the demonstrations would continue until the government withdraws the unjust and totalitarian draft "for the establishment of free abortion.”

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