Pro-life groups denounce government efforts to legalize abortion in Ecuador

.- Various pro-life groups in Ecuador have denounced systematic efforts by the government to the use the upcoming Constitutional Assembly to legalize abortion in the country.

Pro-life groups issued a statement lamenting that “the hopes for profound positive changes” which could have resulted from an upcoming Constitutional Assembly “have been dashed due to corruption, lies, and deceit on the part of political groups and their representatives, whose interests are guided by international companies that support abortion.”

Pro-life leaders expressed disappointment at the selection of abortion rights proponent Paulina Romo as the representative of Ecuador’s president before the Constitutional Assembly.  Romo has expressed her complete support of abortion on numerous occasions, as well as her support of explicit sex-education that excludes the participation of parents, and her support of gay marriage.”

They noted that the main promoters of a Constitutional Assembly are the political parties that have spent the last two years pushing for the legalization of abortion, the morning-after pill and education reform that violates the rights of parents and undermines the traditional concept of marriage.

In their statement, pro-life leaders expressed their complete rejection of attempts to abolish the constitutional protection that the unborn currently enjoy under Ecuadorian law.  “To that Assembly we say No,” they stated.

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