Pro-life groups denounce Red Cross collaboration with abortionists in Spain


The spokeswoman for the Association of Abortion Victims (AAV) in Spain, Victoria Uroz, denounced the Red Cross this week for promoting the propaganda material of the Schering Laboratory, which manufactures the morning after pill, and the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), which receives funding from abortion clinics in Spain and from Schering.

In an article published by, Uroz said that despite the fact that the humanitarian agency recognizes that knowledge about contraceptive methods does not protect against unwanted pregnancies, nevertheless the Junior Red Cross “has provided financing since last November for a bus and for a website that offers totally biased information about sex.  It aims to enlighten young people about sexuality with the supposed objective of alleviating the increase in unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.”

Uroz said, “The economic interests of the campaign promoted by the Red Cross are clear:  it seeks to advertise for IPPF clinics and offer conferences on how to use condoms, the birth control pill and the morning after pill.”  Chastity and the responsible use of one’s sexuality are completely excluded, she added.

The campaign’s website shows graphic sexual images and gives detailed information on sex in a way that is completely biased against traditional values, Uroz said.  She urged people to withhold their donations to the Red Cross because of the “safe-sex” campaign.

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