Pro-Obama Catholic claims pro-lifers adhere to ‘pelvic theology’

Pro-Obama Catholic claims pro-lifers adhere to ‘pelvic theology’

.- Bill Roth, president of the Catholic Democrats political action committee, recently spoke about pro-life Catholics who strongly oppose the idea that voting for Barack Obama is a viable Catholic option, describing them as followers of “pelvic theology.”

Roth made the derisive comments while speaking to Rick Maese, a journalist from the Baltimore Sun. Maese reported Roth's remarks on Saturday in the Baltimore Sun article “Democrats again face the Catholic challenge.”

Roth, who claims to promote “civility” in intra-Catholic disagreements about abortion, told Maese that the American Roman Catholic Church is split between "believers in social theology" who are most concerned about poverty, health care and war, and "those with a firm adherence to pelvic theology," who are driven to the polls by issues such as abortion and same-sex marriages.

“Emotions have grown heated, with Biden under attack from national Catholic groups for his views on abortion, and Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin energizing many socially conservative voters,” writes Maese.

Maese also recalls that “the top vote-getter in the past nine presidential elections has won a majority of the Catholic vote. If Obama and Biden - who would be the first Catholic vice president - are to win in November, many analysts say it will be because Democrats successfully wooed undecided Catholics, including those grappling with the ticket's support of abortion rights.”

“Just like the American people, Catholics are divided, but not along party lines,” Roth told the Baltimore Sun.

The article also quotes Patrick Whelan, head of “Catholic Democrats,” a Boston-based organization. Whelan slammed the Knights of Columbus for running a full-page open letter in USA Today, signed by Supreme Knight Carl Anderson, calling on Biden to “secure the rights of the unborn.”

Whelan called the Knights of Columbus letter a "smear" against Biden that fails to "recognize the common ground that exists" on the abortion debate for many voters.

“It's got to be the new narrative for the future: Let's work together and not just scream at each other about abortion,” Whelan is quoted in the Baltimore Sun. “The major Catholic story line in this election could be, ‘Which narrative wins?’”

“Still, despite these efforts, Catholic voters in recent weeks seem to be breaking toward the Republican ticket,” Maese continues.

Consulted by CNA about Roth and Whelan’s comments, Austin Ruse, President of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute said that “there is no one poorer or more defenseless in the whole world than a little baby marked for death through abortion. That someone like Mr. Roth cannot find this person within his heart and within his social justice vision reflects pitiably upon Mr. Roth.”

“One day a future Pope will apologize for Mr. Roth and others like him who ignored the teachings of the Church and the cries of these poorest among us,” Ruse said.

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