Rap star defends life of the unborn in new hit

Rap star defends life of the unborn in new hit


Rap star and actor Nick Cannon has released a new album whose title song, “Can I Live,” is an explicit defense of the right to life of the unborn.  Cannon, an accomplished actor, comedian, songwriter and producer with a host of credentials to his name at the age of twenty-four, including his own television show, is making an all-out effort to cross from the film-making/television industry into the music industry with the new album and accompanying music video.

According to LifeSite.net, “Can I Live?” tells the story of how his mother decided not to go through with an abortion and instead gave birth to him on October 17, 1979.  The music video of the song, skillfully directed by Cannon himself, beautifully dramatizes the torment and the uncertainty as Cannon's own mother arrives at a "Women's Health Clinic" in the late seventies with the obvious intention of ending the life of her child. Cannon himself appears in the video clad in white, symbolically portraying the person of the as-yet unborn child, and giving voice to his own implicit right and desire to live.

Cannon calls the song a “story of love,” inspired by his mother’s decision to let him live.  “You see me in your sleep so you can’t kill your dreams/300 Dollars that’s the price of living what?/Mommy I don’t like this clinic/

Hopefully you'll make the right decision/And don’t go through with the Knife Decision,” Cannon sings.

Actress Tatyana Ali, known for her role as Ashley in the series “The Fresh Prince,” plays Cannon’s mother in the video.

Cannon ends his rap saying the only thing he is doing is telling his story.  His true mother appears at the end of the video, embracing him as he sings, “I love my mother for giving me life/We all need to appreciate life/A strong woman that had to make a sacrifice/Thanks for listening/Thanks for listening/Mama thanks for listening.”

The video and song lyrics can be found at: http://www.nickcannonmusic.com/index_main.html

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