Right to Life in Spain rejects 'radicalization' of new abortion law


The Right to Life organization in Spain has denounced the “scandalous” agreement between the Socialist Party and other left-wing parties to make abortion laws in the country even more radical.  The proposed reforms would eliminate one of two reports required for an abortion and would restrict conscientious protections for medical professionals.  The reforms would also eventually allow for the distribution of the morning-after pill using tax-payer funds.

The organization called the changes “an abject twist” to a measure that is already violent and inhumane.  “We demand the Socialist Party repudiate this extremist agreement, and we ask the Nationalist Basque Party to stop supporting a bill that has just been made even more radical than it was before,” said Gador Joya, the spokeswoman for Right to Life.

She also questioned the timing for making the agreement public after a long weekend, “with half of the people coming back to work after several days off.  They decided to radicalize a bill that was already extreme and incompatible with human rights,” Gador stated.

She denounced the Socialist Party, “which on the one hand, said it was open to dialogue and to amendments, and on the other, made the measure more radical.”  “They are pulling the wool over the eyes of not only the citizens but also of the groups they have been negotiating with.  The Nationalist Basque Party should realize that their offer to be more moderate has enabled the Socialist Party to negotiation the radicalization of the bill behind their backs.  The voters of the NBP will not understand it,” she said.

“This will cost them at the polls,” she said.  “We guarantee that the Socialists will lose power because of this senseless attack on the first of all individual rights, the right to life, and because of their scorn for the health of women,” Gador said.

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