Round 2 for Roberts: Hearing weighs heavily on abortion; pro-life group condemns Senator’s line of questioning


While he continues to shy away from expressing his own views on the subject, much of yesterday’s Senate questioning of Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee John Roberts focused on the abortion debate and the judge’s own opinion of Roe vs. Wade ruling as law.

The nominee admitted that the 1972 law is a "settled precedent", but avoided specifics which could clue watchers into the possibility of his desire to overturn it.

Judge Robert’s Catholic faith has also weighed heavily into the debate since earlier in the summer; a practice which many see as applying an unfair and unconstitutional religious "litmus test" on the judge.

The Washington-based Culture of Life Foundation heavily criticized Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) yesterday for what they see as a disdainful line of questioning centered around Judge Robert’s Catholic faith.

Foundation President Austin Ruse condemned the senator for her "attempt to place Judge Robert's Catholicism at the center of his confirmation hearings [yesterday] afternoon."

"Using the context of John Kennedy's Catholicism," Ruse said, "Senator Feinstein asked Judge Roberts if he believed in an absolute separation of Church and state. In her questions and comments Senator Feinstein invoked those terrible debates in America about whether Catholics could have a role in the public square."

"Senator Feinstein's questioning", he added, "is an unconscionable dredging up of a dark time in America. And her questioning comes perilously close to a religious test for pubic office. She owes Judge Roberts and all Americans an apology."

Nomination hearings for Judge Roberts continue today in Washington.

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