San Diego citizens to vote on future of cross landmark

.- San Diego residents will vote July 26 on whether the Mount Soledad War Memorial and the large cross that is erected on it should be transferred to the federal government, reported AgapePress.

The 43-foot cross was built in 1952 to honor veterans of the Korean War. But nearly 16 years ago, a local military veteran, who is an atheist, sued the city, claiming the cross violates the Constitution.

If deeded to the federal government, it could be protected by a designation as a federal monument. However, some locals say the monument is an important city landmark and should remain municipal.

"This is a historical landmark of our civilization," former military chaplain Rod McDougal told Agapepress. "When our country was formed, it was primarily formed by Christian preachers and businessmen who said 'We want a country that is Christian, where people can worship freely.'"

The handful of atheists and ACLU who say that the landmark infringes on the Constitution are wrong, McDougal said.

“The Constitution says there shall be no law against the establishment of worship and praising and ministering unto the Lord," he stated.

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