“Scheduling problems” prevent placing of papal visit monument


Officials in the Spanish city of Valencia said this week that a column which is supposed to be placed at the halfway point on an important city bridge in commemoration of the visit of Pope Benedict XVI has not been done yet because of “scheduling problems.”

According to the newspaper Las Provincias, the monument was originally going to be placed on the bridge last July on the first anniversary of the Pope’s 2006 visit, but it was indefinitely postponed.

The 16-foot column was built by architect Santiago Calatrava and is still being held at a local art studio.  The design for the monument was based on columns from the Roman empire that were used on roads.  A similar column can be found on the via Apia Antica in Rome.

Benedict XVI visited Valencia July 8 and 9, 2006, to attend the World Meeting of Families.  The Monteolivete bridge was the main site for most of the event.

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