Scottish cardinal criticizes legislators intent to enact ‘immoral laws’

.- Cardinal Keith O’Brien denounced Scottish legislators “intent on enacting unjust and immoral laws,” the Scotsman reported.

The cardinal made the comments Sunday during the annual Red Mass in Edinburgh, celebrated for Catholic lawyers, judges and prosecutors before the start of the new judicial session.

During his homily, Cardinal O’Brien criticized those who see marriage and the traditional family as nothing more than “outmoded Christian dogma.”

Although laws should not be based on religion, he said, they should still be based on universal standards.

“Certain fundamental civil arrangements have been shared across many societies, faiths and traditions,” he pointed out. “Among them are respect and protection for marriage, the family and human life itself.”

The cardinal also denounced the outright rejection by some of any law that might have its roots in Christianity. Some legislators think it is “fashionable” to reject these values, he said.

“The new iconoclasts of contemporary society are determined to destroy any law which they consider may be associated with the Christian culture and heritage, an inheritance which has both served and defined Europe for many centuries,” the cardinal reportedly said.

The cardinal voiced stark condemnation of the current approach to lawmaking and some of the laws passed by the Scottish Parliament.

“We are now faced with legislators intent on enacting unjust and immoral laws which do not stem from any natural or rational basis,” he was quoted as saying, referring to legislation on marriage, the family and the adoption of children.

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