Sen. Santorum talks about family values in new book


In an video interview, Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, affirmed that the single most-destructive force facing our nation today is the breakdown of the American Family. He discussed the social trends that have led to the breakdown of the family and offers positive steps - such as comprehensive welfare reform - to reinvigorate good moral choices that keep families strong and keeps families together.

He goes back to the core value of the American people, freedom, and stresses the divide between liberals and conservatives on this notion., and how the idea of freedom has gone away from the Founders idea of a common good, a purpose beyond the individual, something beyond the wants and desires of the individual.

The video interview gives a thoughtful, inside look at what motivated the Senator to write the book "It Takes a Family" and why he wants all families to read this book, so as to become re-engaged and refocused back to the family and community and less focused on self. "It's important to step back from our busy life and reflect on some of the specifics that have led our society astray and how we can turn the trends back toward the family. I want this book to help individuals reflect about their choices in life and then re-inspire them to do what is right for the common good."

Sen. Santorum also said you saw the best and worst in people when the devastating hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. He said, "clearly the most effective first responders were families and church members who pulled their resources together to help the victims, without thought of race, creed or politics."

Family centered approach. Popular culture is hostile to family values. We have to be more engaged in the culture and be protective of our children. He commented on the F.A.M.I.L.Y bracelet "Forget about me, I love you." Sen. Santorum wished to put forth the idea that children learn in the family to give things up for others. Selfless love is learned in the family. The institution of family goes beyond each members, and therefore is fundamental for our society, he concluded.

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