Socialists in Mexico now seeking to legalize euthanasia

.- According to the Mexican daily “Milenio,” this week the Socialist party in Mexico is planning to send another proposal to the Mexican Senate that would legalize euthanasia.

Lazaro Mazon, a representative of the PRD Socialist party, said his block in the Senate would propose reforms of the country’s Penal Code and a measure that would allow for the termination of medical treatment in order to allow terminally ill patients to request euthanasia.

The measure would require that the patient be suffering from a chronic and irreversible illness, with less than six months to live and that the pain and suffering be unbearable.

The measure would also call for the creation of a National Bioethics Commission that would review cases and would make a decision regarding each request.

A fierce debate is currently underway in the country, over the legalization of abortion.