Socialists in Spain aiming to block right to conscientious objection

.- The “United Left” political party in Spain is launching an effort to block the right to conscientiously object to gay “marriage” and other ant-family measures.

The Socialist party says its intention is to defend “the freedom and equality of the homosexual community” and to prevent pubic officials from conscientiously objecting to a new law allowing gay marriage, at which many of them would have to officiate.

United Left leader Gaspar Llamazares criticized the reaction of the Catholic Church in Spain, which has encouraged public officials to refuse to obey the law, accusing it of rejecting “moral plurality in democracy.”

Llamazares attacked the Church, calling it a “lobby” group that is seeking “to impose its morality on the rest of society.”

Volunteers and members of the United Left say they will monitor city officials and pressure them to officiate at homosexual weddings, and they will be distributing videos and pamphlets promoting homosexual “rights.”

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