Spanish bishop exhorts faithful to speak out against abortion

Spanish bishop exhorts faithful to speak out against abortion

.- Bishop Demetrio Fernandez of Cordoba, Spain, is calling on the faithful not to remain silent about the genocide of abortion and to work for “policies inspired in the culture of life.”

“The hundreds of thousands – more than a million – abortions that have taken place in recent years constitute the slow suicide of nation that is incapable to transmitting life to the next generation,” he warned.

In his latest pastoral letter, Bishop Fernandez said the defense of life from the moment of conception is not a religious matter, but is “above all a human matter.”

“The light of God makes us see more clearly that which simply human reason can perceive, if it is not obscured by selfish interests,” he explained.

“We are living in turbulent times in many areas,” the bishop said. For this reason, “we need the Holy Spirit to make clear to us the truth about God and man, to give us the strength to follow the will of God, to inspire us in the mission of brining the Gospel to every person.”

He noted that some people debate about how late into a pregnancy abortion should be allowed. However, he said, “any law that allows abortion will always be a law that is unfit for mankind,” because it allows for the killing of an innocent human life.

Because of the murders that are taking place in the womb, he cautioned, “Europe, and Spain included, is dying of old age.”

Policies should be enacted to encourage births and not to penalize “the family that is generously open to life,” Bishop Fernandez urged.

He also called the faithful to let the Holy Spirit enter into their lives as the “Lord and giver of life.”

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