Spanish cardinal says Church remains capable of looking toward the future


The archbishop of Toledo, Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera, said last week that despite being “of old age,” the Church is still capable of working toward the future and of continuously carrying out renewal in herself and in the world.  “This Church that is seemingly or truly old, can still build her tomorrow and the tomorrow of humanity if she has sufficient faith.”


“The Church may appear to be old, she may appear to be aged and made up of older people, but the Church knows she can count on the newness and love of God even before she desires it,” the cardinal said.


She knows she can love and hope against all hope, beyond all the triumphs and human prestige,” the cardinal said.


He noted that the Church exists in order to make God known and to help humanity live in Him.  “This is the task of our time.  Faith is proposed, not imposed. Our task as Christians is no other than to renew and nourish the experience of God: faith, fostering the encounter with God, and anticipating the kingdom of God among us,” the cardinal said.