Spanish families reject distribution of abortion pills to adolescents


The Spanish Family Forum is rejecting an announcement by the mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, that the morning after pill will be distributed free of charge to pregnant adolescents “with problems” starting next September.

The Forum said that “this measure represents a serious intrusion into the educational roll of parents and the family as the ideal place to discuss issues that affect the present and future lives of young people.”

Likewise, the group said there “exist much more urgent and fundamental issues that the families of Madrid face and that should be financed, such as the purchase of eyeglasses or dental care for their children.”

“On the other hand, the measure does not really address the undesirable situation [of adolescent pregnancy], but rather proposes a solution which represents a direct attack on a newly conceived life, given the abortifacient effect of the pill,” said the Forum.

The Forum emphasized that “public officials have the obligation to create channels of communication with parents and families—through the organizations which represent them—in regards to everything related to issues that can affect the behavior, education, and formation of our young people, in the same way that issues related to workers are negotiated between management and unions.”

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